Calhan Alumni Challenge

For over 25 years, the loosely organized Calhan Alumni Association has been able to award a scholarship to a graduating CHS senior. Now, as times are changing, it is proving to be more difficult for the association to raise sufficient funds to continue this very worthwhile program.

We believe that we all owe something to our Calhan education, high school memories and Bulldog traditions   ——–  so . . . . . . .

The Alumni Association is issuing this challenge to all past graduates of Calhan High School (from the 1930’s through 2019):

Will you mail us a $5.00 bill to support the Scholarship Program???

($10’s, $20’s or $50’s would be even better!!!)

If we have 1,000 responses, that would equate to $5,000;  If we averaged $10 per person, that would equate to $10,000  –  enough to support the scholarship program for ten years!

We’re not asking for much  –  the price of a Starbucks coffee or a Hamburger Combo at McDonald’s.  You can do it!!!

Please help support the Alumni Scholarship Program.

Donations can be dropped off, mailed or transferred via internet banking, payable to:

Calhan Alumni Association

            C/O Farmer’s State Bank

            P. O. Box 9

            Calhan, Colorado  80808


Don’t forget to come to this year’s homecoming and the Alumni Luncheon!!  Watch for Details!!